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U disk to create running Win98 super mini

In addition to storing data, a small U disk can be done? Have you thought about installing a operating system on it then? Do not believe, today, let U disk in your coat a size of only 50MB Windows 98, it now is the perfect "Startup Disk", like how to play on how to play, a U disk and my friends quickly Come together!

First, several essential tools

鈼?Windows 98 installation source files
鈼?requires Windows 95 installation CD in the explorer.exe, notepad.exe, write.exe, comdlg32.dll and shell32.dll files, which are included in the Windows95 Security compressed package.

Windows 95, the five papers must be installed with the Windows 98 version of the same language, I use the Simplified Chinese version, also if you want to slim down Windows 98 to the extreme, it is recommended to use the English version of the system, it does not include the Chinese language package, only this one can "thin out" the capacity of 10MB.

Second, make flash boot disk

We use USBOOT to produce flash boot disk. First insert the flash disk, then run Usboot.exe, then a warning window will pop up, do not bother, just click "OK."

After the program will detect your hard drives and flash drives, flash drives is selected, then click on "Click here to select the mode of" entry, and in its next select "ZIP mode" so that board will be considered a flash disk ZIP drive, it starts the flash drive letter is A:, if you select the HDD mode, then start the flash drive on C:, it would be an error when installing the system.

Now click "Start", then a warning will pop-up window, I suggest you backup the entire U disk, click "OK" to format until the progress window (Figure 1). When the formatting is completed, the window will display "Please re-plug U disc," Here we unplug the flash, then you can then plug the back, the program will start automatically written to the flash file, when writing to the conclusion that successfully produce a flash boot disk.

USBoot is working

Third, the use 98lite thin

Step 1: Restart the system and insert the boot disk make a good flash, when the system interface into the self-test, press the Del key to enter the BIOS settings, and then in the "BIOS FEATURES SETUP" key, the "BOOT Sequence (start order)" is set to USB-ZIP, and then press F10 to save and exit, the computer will boot from the flash and enter DOS mode.

Step 2: make a good flash boot into DOS boot disk after the state at the command prompt run 98lite the implementation of the program, this 98lite.exe Setup program is located in the folder, you can see the program after the implementation of the interface ( Figure 2).

98Lite the program interface

Step 3: From Figure 2 we can see the screen prompts to install 98lite need to create the folder, the default path is D: 98LITESETUP, you can press Enter to confirm, we can also customize the installation folder, as long as the "> > "the cursor and enter the path.

Step 4: Next, you need to specify the store in the hard drive Windows 98 source files. Press Enter, the screen that appears, enter Windows 98 installation files, such as the installation files I stored in F: Win98se folder, so this just type d: win98se and press Enter.

Step 5: Then the program will copy the Windows 98 installation files to D: 98LITESETUP folder, when the copy will go to the next screen after, 98Lite will recognize your Windows 98 version, and then continue to press any key (do not press ESC Exit ) to the next step.
Step 6: When the "CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING IPTIONS" screen, will see four options. Only the first one and 4 are available, the first four to uninstall, in the first one to choose to install Windows 98 (Figure 3).

Select the first one to install Windows 98

Step 7: After the completion of the above operations, the installation interface will appear four options (Figure 4), one of the "1.SLEEK" that use the Windows 95 shell, there is no integrated IE. The "2.CHUBBY" said minimum install IE, retained the toolbar and can quickly start menu and start menu for editing.

Select a project to start

"3.OVERWEIGHT" said fully integrated IE, the last of the "4.98MICRO" said maximum delete all bundled components on Windows 98. So we opted for four key minimize installation file.

Step 8: Next, install the interface will appear on 98MICRO installation description, press any key to enter the next step, then the program will ask you whether to use the Windows 98 system files detector, if you select "Y" then the installation will be more more than 10MB of files, in order to minimize installation, in which to select "N".

Step 9: Now there "EXTAACT WINDOWS95 EXPLORERFILES" interface requirements specified in the Windows 95 system file location 5, press Enter, and then the screen that appears, type five files to the folder path (Figure 5) .

Specify the location of the file

Step 10: Enter, will copy the 5 files to D: 98LITESETUP folder and mandatory compliance operations (Figure 6), a total of two steps, which take a few minutes, when the execution will be automatically after to prepare for the new installation option to install files, this step also requires a few minutes.

Installation process

Step 11: When ready, the program will prompt you in the next step in the system as a routine test, press the Enter key to enter the Windows 98 disk detection screen, if the error will automatically be restored, to be After testing out of detection by X, then the installation of Windows 98 can see the screen (Figure 7).

To install the


Step 12: Press "C" key to continue the installation, and then there's the "Select Directory" window, select the "other directory" item, click "Next" in the "change directory" window installation directory is set to flash directory, and then click "Next", then a warning window will appear, click "Yes" to continue.

Step 13: Now we have to carry out the installation of Windows 98, in the event of "Setup Options" screen, select "Customize", then there's the "Select Components" window, remove all components of the selected state (such as Figure 8), so after installation of the system smaller, the final installation method in accordance with the normal operation can be completed.

Install Windows 98, select the components

4, after the installation of further downsizing

When using 98Lite install the system, we see the installation file size is only 110MB or so, it needs 200MB, compared with the original have been reduced by half, we have the following files by removing unnecessary to further achieve the "thin" purpose.

Step 1: Use the Windows 98 boot disk U into the system, open U disk of Windows installation directory, we delete one of the INF, SYSTEM32, SYSBCKUP and Media and other folders (including the file), this would save up about 20MB capacity.

Step 2: Open the FONT folder, then delete the inside than outside the Times New Roman and all the Marlett font, so in turn save 20MB of space.

Step 3: enter the system folder, delete all the input files, this will save the 10MB of space, the input method and the corresponding file in the following table, also can delete MINI.CAB and MINI1.CAB two archive files and Color folder color profile.

Step 4: Delete the C drive directory except IO.sys, MSDOS.sys and COMMAND.COM beyond all files (including hidden files), then by searching to find and delete the *. hlp, *. chm, *. cnt, * . bmp, *. Gif, *. bak, *. chk and *. txt files and all other garbage.

Step 5: Right-click the desktop "My Computer" and click "Properties", Then open "System Properties" window Click "Properties 鈫?Virtual Memory", and then open the window, select the "specify my own virtual memory settings "item, and select the" Disable Virtual Memory "entry (Figure 9), and finally click" OK "and restart the system, this will save the 10MB of space.

Virtual memory management

After more than thin, you will be surprised to find U-disk on Windows 98 only takes up less than 50MB of space, a Windows 98 system in Bahrain, after flash there is room for more than half of it useless. The graphical interface has a "start" U disk, can be far from the DOS system comparable to those cold Oh.

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Around the "home appliances to the countryside," the strange status of the eight

"Appliances to the countryside" and "3G" is undoubtedly the new year, the two most important words are not optimistic in the face of the economic situation, which is stimulating domestic demand are two important words. "Appliances to the countryside" project will be the home appliance business driven, the lower reaches of the whole industrial chain.

Up to 13% of the financial subsidies, "home appliances to the countryside" policies been introduced, it gives a great "temptation." "Appliances to the countryside" full extension, despite the much farmers happy, but the actual operation, some dealers shoddy, not high dealer enthusiasm gradually exposed, and because of special consumer market in rural areas, consumption habits lead to some of the interesting phenomena of concern.

A strange situation: the rural market about face-saving desktop PC more popular big box

Current rural market to buy a computer is only 10% of the first rich people who care about the service and the computer is to meet his special needs. Equipped with large screen, large desktop chassis face not only a lot more, but not easy to move because the property appears more secure.

Strange Situation 2: Dell, HP, Lenovo PC well known foreign brands ignored or

According to wave (Beijing) Electronic Huang, vice president of the countryside just to the study found that "in the rural market in addition to Lenovo, and other brand awareness is not high." Current rural market to buy a computer is only 10% of the first rich person, but for the other 90% of the potential consumers are still unfamiliar with the current computer.

Strange Situation three: dealers are more willing to sell "Plan" foreign products

"Appliances to the countryside" products for sale, you must shoot out the invoice, farmers can receive subsidies for tickets. But dealers believe that this increased the tax burden, many people took only one such opening sales tax evasion, or do not want to sell "home appliances to the countryside" products.

Strange Situation four: a trial of strength with the cottage's hard to say who is the winner

Cottage cheap mobile phones, feature-rich, appearance is also consistent with the preferences of many farmers, have occupied the absolute advantage of the rural market. Brand mobile phones to rural areas and cottage phone is bound to direct confrontation, who the winner is really hard to say.

Strange Situation five: with telecom operators, "bundling" PC makers to sell computers

With telecom operators in the rural outlets advantage, PC manufacturers can further penetrate the rural market. Similar "binding mode" already used in the home PC business. Founder, wave and PC companies such as Haier, have confirmed this cooperation.

Six strange situation: farmers complaining about the high price

Home appliances to the countryside in the Ministry of Commerce official website information management system, Chongqing Dazu's Zhang Yuehai complained that, "Skyworth 26L16SW price of 1,950 yuan released, while the reported price Taobao 1799 yuan, is it that some people in the name of home appliances to the countryside deceive the guise of rural consumers we do? "

Seven of strange situation: Dealer complaint is not making money

Chongqing's rural areas are also bringing home appliances dealer Lee information management system official on-line complaint. More than 1000 yuan appliances, purchase price and the price difference is only tens of dollars, but also pay taxes, but also packages delivered to your door, does not make much money. And is still going to participate because of the publicity has put a lot of early, not failed to be implemented and continue to participate go on, but also a small profit or a loss, I do not know what to do.

Strange situation of 8: defective products to sell appliances to the countryside into points

"Changjiang Daily" reporters in Hubei Xiaogan, Xiantao, doors and other places in the survey day, the dealer who declined to be named said that in some areas, there are some dealers out of individual non-winning products in a "home appliances Going down "signs, to repair machines and renovation Jiujia Dian, shoddy, new to the old charge, and then play half price, tickets sold to farmers on condition that 13% of farmers do not ask for financial subsidies. Some farmers believe that discount prices are more expensive to ask for financial subsidies trouble, it will let some unscrupulous traders an advantage.

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Appliances to the countryside policies: home appliances to the countryside policy is thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, an important measure to actively expand domestic demand, fiscal and trade policy is a breakthrough innovation. Main content, comply with the new trends in rural consumption upgrade, the use of fiscal, trade policy, guide and organize joint business, development, production characteristics for rural consumption, performance, reliability, quality assurance, reasonable price of home appliances, and to provide to meet the needs of farmers the flow and after-sales service; subsidies to farmers to buy into the range of household electrical appliances to give a certain percentage of financial subsidies, to activate the purchasing power of farmers and expand rural consumption, and promote the coordinated development of domestic and external demand.

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Excellent Fujitsu UD board really gives whiteboard courseware courseware second life

We often see this in the school situation, if there is open class, laboratory classes, courses and other teaching and research, multimedia education as a teacher's performance highlights most of multimedia does give students sound, shape, color and other aspects of sensory stimulation, effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of students, initiative.

However, in actual teaching, we found some strange phenomenon, I had to watch over a public teaching with multimedia lecture classes, "Throughout the 45 minutes of teaching, teachers and students face the rise of the exchange time of 15 minutes or so, leaving only teachers concentrate on the desktop, click the mouse, and there is no writing on the blackboard. " Multimedia classroom, "what to do first, then do, how to do it first, then how to do" are all text and multimedia material with strong multimedia courseware structural composition, the use of multimedia courseware for teaching is a "Play + explanation" in teaching behavior, and the original class "Blackboard + talk" in a great range of teaching behavior.

Later, people will be "interactive whiteboard" technology platform into the classroom, multimedia computers and integrates the functions of the board to construct a similar traditional "chalk + board" in the classroom teaching environment, show multimedia courseware can also be directly Pictures and text presented on a "marked", "writing" and various human-computer interaction, teachers do not change the "writing on the blackboard + explanation" of the teaching behavior, make up some losses playing courseware. But new problems have appeared, when the science teacher explaining about when the subject line to explain the content requires a lot of writing on the blackboard during the course of conduct, such as math teacher to explain answers to equations, need to be writing on the blackboard to explain step by step, this time the teacher must a great deal of neat writing on the blackboard, sometimes even a board can not meet the writing on the blackboard to explain the contents of a subject needs, whiteboard helpless. This is the "whiteboard" to the classroom today, this is not really into one of the reasons. Teachers have an urgent need for a simple manipulation of multimedia courseware can not only meet the high-capacity classroom blackboard writing information products.

Recently, the author access to a product called UD panel, UD board well with the modern multimedia teaching and traditional teaching of the advantages of writing on the blackboard, UD plate products from UD pen, Bluetooth, software, and a board book (paper) form use when using UD UD pen writing on paper, through wireless transmission to a computer, writing the contents of the real-time display of the screen. You whiteboard courseware Fujitsu UD board directly in the playback of images and text on a "mark" "write" operation, teachers do not change the "writing on the blackboard + explanation" of the teaching behavior, make up some deficiencies play PowerPoint. Class, the teacher can highlight the places in a "marked", teachers still write "writing on the blackboard," well in advance rather than "title" instead. And "whiteboard" is different, UD board all the action is the use of UD pen an ordinary paper up completed, as is the traditional paper-based writing, as with normal handwriting habits, writing up the natural flow, writing efficient high, to meet the needs of one-time large blackboard. When the writing on the blackboard when the content of more than one page, the system will be the contents of the previous board automatically saved, the contents of both paper and electronically file content. As the UD board whiteboard courseware products a smooth, easy writing on the blackboard in class, a great expansion of the modern multimedia classroom teaching and traditional art of teaching writing on the blackboard the application space.

In addition, the excellent Fujitsu UD board whiteboard courseware with wireless control functions are more in line with the needs of the teaching process, no longer operate as the mouse control, the teacher and binds tightly to the podium, so that teachers and students more between number of interactive options.

In my opinion, excellent courseware Fujitsu UD board whiteboard teaching process in modern multimedia applications, is a big step forward, he goes beyond any previous writing on the blackboard information products, I believe that excellent Fujitsu UD board really gives whiteboard courseware Courseware Second Life, so we support projects to be!

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Farewell babyface, iSee 1 minute to create face-lift effect

1. Start face-lift. Than the first face-lift and fat part of the Department.
iSee Open Figure 1. Select "on the right sidebar" - Portrait beauty - large eyes.

Figure 1

Into the "large eyes" processing interface, select "Zoom document."

Written Size: 27 (written transferred to the appropriate size)

Zoom strength: -32 (to enlarge the intensity to a lower negative)

Figure 2

Part of the circle center near the face-lift inside, click the left mouse button, you can face-up. Proposed to image zoom, can be fine-tuning.

2. Then a little face-lift and fat part of the Department.

Written Size: 27

Zoom strength: -18 (the face-weakened)

Figure 3

Click the left mouse button, the circle center section near the face-lift inside and curvature along the contours of the face to the MM face-lift. This effect is more natural face-lift. Only a minute, babyface really gone. Keep the thin face small V. And dermabrasion whitening look, plus a lovely graffiti, the effect is even more perfect.

Figure 4

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wang Donglin Beijing scholar Chairman

Beijing scholar Chairman Wang Donglin

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Wang Donglin, was born in Guizhou in 1969, 1985, final year and enter the age of 15 Department of Computer Science, Nankai University, Zhongguancun in 1989 to work in the publishing industry in 1990, cutting-edge technology research and development, and has won international awards, co-founded in 1994, Peking University Department of Philosophy graduate student journal "Campus" magazine and served as editorial director since independence in 1995, developed China's first digital document technology, a scholar in 1996 founded technology company founded in 1997 "IT Salon", founded in 1998 a scholar of electronic company, founded in 1999 pure public good scholar research center, the same year was an exception as senior engineer, founded in 2000 to participate in Zhongguancun IT Association and served as vice chairman, a scholar in 2001 founded the company figures, in 2002 was hired as the national State Council Informatization Office Electronics standardization of the overall group of government experts, won the "outstanding young entrepreneurs in Beijing the first" and "outstanding entrepreneur in Beijing Fifth Light of Science" title, as the executive director of the Beijing Association Beijing China high co-executive director of the establishment of a scholar of international companies, Credit Association in 2003 as vice president of Zhongguancun. 2003 was voted "outstanding entrepreneurs Zhongguancun Second" title.

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China has announced measures in the United States blocked WAPI appeal to the international organizat

To reverse the adverse situation of competition with international standards, China's national technical standards for wireless LAN security standard WAPI interest groups, the U.S. blocked a fierce struggle was launched. Yesterday, the China Broadband Wireless IP Standard Working Group officially released outside was submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) of up to 38, listing the American standard block measures camp 49 complaints files.

The Working Group said its April 29 this year to submit the complaint to the ISO file "unfair activities, not the right process, unfair results: on WAPI-11i voting process and procedures for reporting violations of ethics," and on May 18 Supplementary material "WAPI voting analysis and rebuttal comments" (the former 38, the latter 58). The two documents, the Chinese adopt a tough attitude detailed the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) affect the voting process, "immoral behavior" in order to reverse the current competition in the international standard WAPI unfavorable situation.

WAPI is China's proposed technical standards for wireless LAN security, embody our standards for information security strategy and strategic intent. As the security of existing wireless LAN technology supplement proposals, WAPI and American IEEE's 802.11i technology is the leading platform competition with the chance to become an international standard. American Standard behind the Intel-led group of interest group support, and therefore the international standard WAPI way towards being the unscrupulous block.

March 7 this year, the relevant part of the end of voting, members of the body of 30 countries to vote against WAPI, which is only eight votes. Despite this long expected, but the Chinese WAPI camp was quite angry.

"Vote is unfair, unjust and unacceptable." The Working Group has repeatedly stated. Because the vote is not final, China defeated the United States still have a chance WAPI standard, the success or failure will be overwhelmed by complaints about the situation.

In the complaint file, the Chinese that the United States IEEE continuous "immoral conduct" to influence voting. Such as IEEE and public incitement to other countries to vote against WAPI, organized a conspiracy against WAPI, which have greatly damaged the leadership of the ISO and just creed.

China demands ISO investigation. China firmly that if the investigation confirmed that China is innocent, ISO should be seriously dealt with IEEE, especially those who vote against WAPI should be declared null and void.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Deutsche Post's revelation

Editor's note: under the protection of the government monopoly, Deutsche Post over the 500 years of worry-free. When it suddenly burst into the free market economy, have to go through from the product to the customer as the center of Nirvana. Deutsche Post has 30 years of computing experience, moved the mathematician Hari a project manager to help them address these difficult issues.

Under the protection of the government monopoly, Deutsche Post over the 500 years of worry-free. When it suddenly burst into the free market economy, have experienced some from a product-centric to customer-centric as Nirvana.

Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn giant Deutsche Post World Net (German Post) lost as a government enterprise cover the head of the ring - it turned into a for profit private enterprise.

The company's main activities include: mail delivery, logistics and financial services. Privatized German postal service has grown rapidly, the 2000 turnover of more than 30 billion U.S. dollars. The company also adopted in the United States, Europe and Asia to buy companies, strive to become world-class delivery company.

But Deutsche Post fully aware that in order to achieve profit and sales targets, it must have a very important for all enterprises strategic asset - a deep understanding of the customer. In addition, Deutsche Post in Germany alone has 450 local delivery on the base, more than 80,000 business customers every day to deal with two million parcels. If you do not have a good way to quickly and efficiently handle the huge volume of business to track brought a lot of data, Deutsche Post will face serious logistical problems.

Deutsche Post has 30 years of computing experience, moved the mathematician Hari S. Chakrovertty a project manager to help them address these difficult issues.

Proof of Concept

Deutsche Post in 1998, started the project, in fact, the whole project began as a quality management solution. At that time, cargo department want to establish a quality system to obtain the key performance indicators. Chakrovertty proposed data warehouse should be established rather than the quality measurement system, because it can provide, including quality management, including more features.

In the assessment phase, Chakrovertty and his colleagues selected Teradata as a database because it is a decision support areas have been widely accepted and used in the database. Deutsche Post's original strategy of using a single database is Oracle, all legacy systems using Oracle database. And together with Deutsche Post's IT department, Chakrovertty started proof of concept, complete with the original data, a standard inspection procedures. The pilot convinced the company's management.

In the proof of concept stage, Chakrovertty assess the basic feasibility of the system.渚嬪锛屾槸鍚﹀彲浠ュ湪澶滈棿涓庤璐︾郴缁熺殑鍏跺畠鏁版嵁涓?捣鍔犺浇骞惰浆鎹簨浠舵暟鎹?寰峰浗閭斂姣忓ぉ瑕佸鐞嗕簩鐧句竾涓寘瑁癸紝绯荤粺蹇呴』淇濊瘉杩欎簺鍖呰9鐨勮窡韪暟鎹兘鑳藉疄鏃跺姞杞斤紝Chakrovertty璇达細鈥滄垜浠笇鏈涘湪涓ゅ埌涓夊皬鏃跺唴瀹屾垚銆傚鏋滈渶瑕?0灏忔椂锛屽氨涓嶅お鐞嗘兂銆傜粨鏋滄垜浠湪涓ゅ埌涓夊皬鏃跺唴鍚戠郴缁熷姞杞戒簡浠ュ墠涓変釜鏈堢殑鏁版嵁銆傗?


銆??绗簩涓洜绱犳槸鎴愰暱鎬э紝寰峰浗閭斂闇?涓?釜鍙互瀛樺偍3骞存暟鎹噺鐨勭郴缁燂紝鑰屾瘡骞寸殑鏁版嵁閲忎负3TB銆?br />
銆??鍙﹀锛岃繍琛屾垚鏈繀椤诲緢浣庛?鍏跺畠浜у搧锛屽湪鏁版嵁搴撴墿澶у拰鏀归?鏃堕兘闇?鏈夌鐞嗗憳銆備娇鐢═eradata灏辨棤椤婚澶栫殑绠$悊鍛橈紝鍥犱负涓嶅繀瑕佽繘琛屾敼閫犮?鏁寸悊纾佺洏绌洪棿绛夌瓑宸ヤ綔銆?br />
浠庘?0鈥濆埌鈥?鈥?br />


銆??绗?闃舵鏄粠1999骞?鏈堝埌7鏈堬紝杩欎竴闃舵鐨勫伐浣滄槸涓鸿川閲忛儴闂ㄨ璁?0涓姤琛ㄥ拰涓昏缁╂晥鎸囨爣銆傚湪杩欎箣鍚庯紝椤圭洰缁勮繘琛屼簡鏁版嵁娓呯悊宸ヤ綔銆傛瘡澶╂櫄涓婏紝椤圭洰缁勪粠璁稿鍍廠AP璁拌处淇℃伅绯荤粺杩欐牱鐨勭郴缁熶腑閲囬泦鏁版嵁锛屽苟灏嗗叾鍔犺浇鍒版暟鎹粨搴撲腑锛屼粬浠彂鐜板巻鍙查仐鐣欑郴缁熸湁鏃朵細浜х敓閿欒鏁版嵁銆傚湪璇嗗埆鍖呰9鏃朵篃鏈夎澶氶棶棰橈紝鍥犱负鍘熺郴缁熸病鏈夊崟涓?殑鍖呰9鏍囪瘑銆傚弽澶嶆祴璇曡姳璐逛簡涓?簺鏃堕棿锛屽埌1999骞村簳锛岄」鐩粍瀹屾垚浜嗘暟鎹竻鐞嗗伐浣滐紝姣忓ぉ鍔犺浇鍒扮郴缁熶腑鐨勬暟鎹兘鏄纭湁鏁堢殑锛屽寘鎷璐﹀拰涓㈠け鎹熷潖淇℃伅銆?br />
銆??绱ф帴鐫?紑濮嬩簡绗?闃舵锛屼粠2000 骞?鏈堝埌10鏈?椤圭洰缁勪负璐ㄩ噺绠$悊鍜岄攢鍞缓绔嬩簡璁稿鍒嗘瀽鐭╅樀銆?br />


銆??Chakrovertty璁や负濡傛灉灏嗘暟鎹泦涓埌涓?捣锛屽苟鏁欎細浜轰滑濡備綍浣跨敤 OLAP锛堝湪绾垮垎鏋愬鐞嗙郴缁燂級鍜屾姤琛ㄥ伐鍏凤紝浠栦滑灏卞彲浠ヨ嚜宸辫繘琛屽垎鏋愶紝涔熷氨涓嶅啀闇? IT 閮ㄩ棬浜嗐?浣嗘槸璁╂瘡涓汉鐞嗚В鏁版嵁骞剁煡閬撳浣曡繘琛屽垎鏋愬苟涓嶅鏄擄紝鑺辫垂鐨勬椂闂存瘮棰勮鐨勮闀裤?

銆??椤圭洰缁勪粠1999骞?鏈堝紑濮嬪煿璁紝涓?洿鍒?000骞村勾涓?杩欐椂闂存鍐咃紝鍑犱箮姣忎釜閮ㄩ棬閮藉煿鍏讳簡琚О涓衡?瓒呯骇鐢ㄦ埛鈥濈殑鍛樺伐锛屼粬浠槸鍏虫敞鐨勭劍鐐瑰苟鑳藉鐢熸垚鎶ヨ〃銆?br />


銆??鐩墠姣忓ぉ鏈?00涓敤鎴蜂娇鐢ㄨ繖濂楃郴缁燂紝浠呰川閲忛儴闂ㄦ瘡澶╁氨澶х害鐢熸垚 1200 涓姤琛紝鑰屼互鍓嶈川閲忛儴闂ㄦ瘡涓湀鎵嶄骇鐢熶竴涓姤琛ㄣ?

銆??杩愯惀閮ㄩ棬宸茬粡浣跨敤鏈郴缁熶袱骞翠簡锛屽洜涓轰粬浠槸绗竴涓笇鏈涘寤惰繜鍜屽浣曢伩鍏嶅欢杩熷仛鍑哄垎鏋愮殑閮ㄩ棬銆?br />
銆??钀ラ攢閮ㄩ棬鍒氬垰寮?浣跨敤杩欎釜绯荤粺銆備粬浠鍒掓牴鎹暟鎹粨搴撲骇鐢熺殑瀹㈡埛缁嗗垎甯傚満鏁版嵁寮?睍鐩撮偖娲诲姩銆?br />

銆??閫氳繃杩欏绯荤粺锛屽痉鍥介偖鏀垮湪鍔姏浜嗚В瀹㈡埛涔嬮棿鐨勫樊寮傘?涓嶆槸姣忎釜鍥句功閿?敭浼佷笟閮戒竴鏍枫?渚嬪锛屼竴浜涘浘涔﹂攢鍞紒涓氬嚭鍞殑CD姣斿浘涔﹀锛涜繖涓紒涓氶?杩囦簰鑱旂綉鍑哄敭鍥句功锛岄偅涓嵈娌℃湁銆傝繖浜涘鎴峰崈宸竾鍒紝鑰屽痉鍥介偖鏀胯兘澶熸彁渚涗釜鎬у寲鏈嶅姟銆?br />

銆??鏁版嵁浠撳簱绯荤粺鍦ㄥ痉鍥介偖鏀跨殑鍟嗕笟鎴樼暐涓紝鐗瑰埆鏄湪瀹冨悜鍏跺畠鍥藉鎵╁紶涓紝鎵?捣鍒扮殑浣滅敤鏄法澶х殑銆傛墍鏈夌殑鍒嗗叕鍙告垨鍒嗘敮鏈烘瀯浣跨敤涓嶅悓绯荤粺锛屾垚鏈皢鍗佸垎楂樻槀銆傛瘮杈冭?瑷?紝灏嗘墍鏈夋暟鎹兘褰掓?鍒颁竴涓腑蹇冩暟鎹簱灏卞鏄撳緱澶氫簡銆傚畠涓哄痉鍥介偖鏀胯妭鐪佷簡澶ч噺璧勯噾銆傚叕鍙告嫢鏈変簡缁熶竴鍙e緞鐨勬暟鎹紝姣忎釜浜洪兘鍙互閫氳繃鐩稿悓鐨勯?寰勬潵浜嗚В椤惧銆?br />
銆??姝e寰峰浗閭斂鍏徃棣栧腑鎵ц瀹樻墍鎸囧嚭鐨勶紝鍒?005骞村痉鍥介偖鏀垮笇鏈涙垚涓虹涓??浠栦滑甯屾湜鍒?005骞村皢鍏跺湪鐗瑰畾甯傚満涓殑浠介鎻愰珮涓??銆?br />



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